About us

Montdafen was founded in Fenyuan in 2012 and named after Dafen jianshan which is one of 100 peaks of Taiwan. Our main product is EdgeBanding and Hotmelt. After years of research and development, our product receives warm welcome in the market. It also makes Montdafen becomes the trustworthy partner.

We definitely know if the product was lack of quality it would lose the sense of beauty. If it was no trust, it would lose future. Cherish our land and insist in manufacturing product with Environmental, Healthy and Resemblance. Make materials show itself more aesthetic and make family use safely. It is the objective of Montdafen. It is also the belief and goal that all colleagues pursue consistently. When it comes to the environmental protection, we insist on strict quality control. We make a regular product quality inspection with SGS which is the world's leading inspection. We will provide customer with detail test reports anytime. With our efforts and persistence, we expect that cabinet industry can have healthier and more environmental materials to use. We will do what we can do to make the industry grow stronger and stronger.